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All bank note images contained in these pages Bank of Canada - used with permission


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Welcome to my web site on Canadian Paper Money errors. This is a non-commercial site and is only for your information. I have been collecting banknotes and replacement notes for many years now. Since there have been many errors showing up on Canadian paper money these days, I felt that an information site would be helpful to you. Feel free to contact me with any questions.


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There are many types of errors of Canadian paper money. This site will hopefully help you understand how they occurred. Values on these errors vary based on the degree of the error and it's condition. Multiple errors or very spectacular ones demand a higher value and sometimes is determined only between the buyer and the seller. Some can be faked by removing ink, changing colour chemically or can be reproduced on $1 & $2 bills by cutting up uncut sheets of bills which were issued to the public after they were discontinued. New types are being found, so please visit this site often.

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