Gold, Silver, Hyperinflation and More

Gold, Silver, Hyperinflation and More


As money printing sees a significant decline for the past few years and with annual deficits getting out of control, it will just be a matter of time before hyperinflation takes place. While no one hopes for such a scenario to happen, it is expected that the laws of economic cause and effect are not going to spare any nation that ignores them. It will not be long before China reduces its purchases of US debts and the budget crises of most American state governments are going to hit critical mass. The moment this bubble bursts, the dollar is going to worth less and less quickly. A mere recall in history can reveal this probability.

If your wealth is being measured in paper dollars, which are currently losing their value as printing presses churn out more and more of them, sooner or later, you might end up losing your wealth. Good alternatives are real estate, stocks, and of course, precious metals.

Considering the uncertainty of the government regarding new tax havens and with the continuous worsening of the present economy, it could get extremely hard to identify the best stocks to choose. Real estate may be a great way of preserving wealth yet their prices are also dropping like rocks and no one can even guess when it will hit the bottom. This is not to mention that taxes in real estate are rising as well as more rises are expected to fund local governments which are being driven in case of a financial collapse. Finally, income from real estate won’t be as attractive soon as the rents won’t be able to rise fast enough to cover the rising taxes on real estate and the dropping dollar.

This leaves everyone with precious metals in 2017 With the history and tons of facts to back up gold and silver investment many people believe that the winning strategy is to invest in silver and gold as the bubble inflates and when it’s looking that bubble is ripe and nice for bursting, buy real estate, and bail out. The main reason behind it is that real estate will surely bottom out as the precious metals top out.

Where to Store Your Silver?

Paying for the vault charges just to let some companies store your silver isn’t always a good idea. It is always wise to store your silver on your own. A lot of people think of considering a bank safety deposit box, yet some are skittish. If there’s an economic meltdown, history will show you that a bank holiday would be declared and you cannot retrieve your silver from the bank that’s closed. In addition to that, when banks fail, there will be cases where it wasn’t reopened immediately under one’s ownership. In this case, it might take a long time getting any possessions from the safety deposit box. But, depending on your choice, it’s up to you where you want to store your silver.

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